*Due to new security restrictions we are not allowed to meet you INSIDE the TERMINALS at the baggage claim area, unless Greet and Meet service is specifically requested.

Please follow the pick up instructions below.

Denver International Airport DIA

LEVEL # 5 at Denver International Airport is the BAGGAGE CLAIM AREA

  • TERMINAL WEST: Door # 506
  • TERMINAL EAST : Door # 511

1) After claiming your bags, exit the building at Door #506 on the West side of the terminal, or Door #511 on the East side of the terminal.

2) Directly outside these doors there is a small booth marked “LIMOS”. Tell the attendant at the booth your name and let them know you are waiting for Denver Car Services, or call us at (303) 667-4250 to dispatch your car. The attendant will telephone the holding area and our car will be released to pick you up momentarily.

Up to your arrival to Denver, please turn your phone on. If you do not hear from your driver 10 minutes after you leave the plane, please call us.